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Wyoming “Time Machine”—An Essay

From Yellowstone, America’s first National Park, and Shoshone National Forest, the nation’s first forest reserve, to Devil’s Tower, the nation’s first National Monument, Wyoming offers numerous opportunities for families seeking fun and adventure. One Wyoming city, Laramie—the home of the University of Wyoming—draws countless numbers of visitors because of nearby attractions. The Snowy Range Mountains and the 12,013-foot Medicine Bow Peak tower over the city’s western horizon; the rugged 7,000-foot Laramie Mountains define the city’s eastern horizon. Laramie’s Historic Downtown District contains many original nineteenth-century buildings still in use today. The mountains, historic districts, Laramie Jubilee Days in July, plus several museums, lakes and ski areas make Laramie a prime vacation spot. However, another attraction, the Wyoming Territorial Park, offers visitors a chance to become part of the fabled Wild West. When planning their vacations, families should consider the Wyoming Territorial Park in Laramie, Wyoming.


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I am writing this because it’s easier for me to write than it is to talk about directly; not just because there is alot to discuss and it is better to write about, but also because I suffer with a speech impediment. Now, to begin.

Well, I don’t know where to begin, but saying that all my life I’ve been told that I would never amount to anything, that I’m slow, that I’m not good at anything, and even that I’m “retarded” seems a good way to start.

Over the years, I’ve grown a thick skin and have bitten my tongue; it takes a very strong will and even stronger character to brush off such comments. I have striven my entire life to prove such people wrong, and most times I have failed. I did manage, however, to graduate from college with an Associate’s degree, something my teachers early on told me I would never achieve!

In approximately 1996 or 1997 I was diagnosed by my regular physician with a condition called Fibromyalgia Syndrome. A specialist couldn’t confirm this is what I had, but he couldn’t say that it’s not what I had, either. Then, I moved to New Mexico to work on my Bachelor’s degree, and doctors here haven’t come to a consensus as to what ails me; could be excessive cortisol, could be adrenal gland or thyroid problems. Regardless of what the condition is, it is very painful. The only way I can describe it is like this: Take the worst ache you can remember and imagine having it pretty much constantly, only instead of being isolated, it is in every joint and muscle.

SIXTH EXTINCTION On my “TO BUY” List of books:

"The 6th Extinction" — James Rollins authorjamesrollins @jamesrollins


On my “WISH LIST” (but will probably check out [borrow] from library if available):

Steve Berry (Forgot where I left off! Doh! need to catch up)

Brad Thor (only have Apostle, which is *unread* at this point :-( )

"Damascus Countdown" and "Auschwitz Escape" — Joel C. Rosenberg

"Kraken Project" — Douglas Preston (haven’t read ANY of Preston’s work, but this looks like a good place to start!

Joseph Finder (Started, and left off with “Zero Hour,” but want to read “High Crimes”)

many, many, many more! 


57% of women find a man’s stubble to be irresistible.

LOL! I have a beard, so….


57% of women find a man’s stubble to be irresistible.

LOL! I have a beard, so….

This was an improvement over clay tablets, graphite sticks, and even quill & ink.
Sometimes, I still wish I had a typewriter—do you?

This was an improvement over clay tablets, graphite sticks, and even quill & ink.

Sometimes, I still wish I had a typewriter—do you?

I was planning on getting a new Bible to replace a worn one, but...

I will no longer consider the NIV… the newest 2011 Revision is “gender-neutral” which takes away from the TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!

Culture in Biblical times was man-centered… that’s the way it was. Can’t go back into time and CHANGE it! Some may be “offended” by this, but MORE will be offended by actually trying to change THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!

While the Bible should probably be made into a more readable language than that used in the KJV, the TRUTH of the WORD should NOT!

History shows that things in THOSE days were man-centered… nothing can be done to change it! It was that way, and that is the WAY it should be depicted in the Bible, especially if you’re trying to make the Bible as God’s TRUE WORD!!

Obamacare had little impact on earnings, says Aetna CEO

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says that premiums are “going up.”

Bertolini also said that Aetna had “in the first quarter 230,000 paid exchange members and quite frankly, those exchange members we recorded as a loss in the first quarter, so they were actually negative to our earnings.”

The article also says that ~600K have enrolled, and roughly 500k have paid; and the average age has decreased, but is still higher than what Aetna had priced for.

The CEO said that the exchanges are so varied that it remains to be seen just how successful Obamacare will be.

CNBC is part of NBC, hardly a “Right-Wing” organization…